Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuxedo Tuesday - The Envelope Please

Lucky me! I've received some awards. ** I can add these to my trophy case right along side my Grammy, my Emmy, my Tony and my Oscar!

First, I received this lovely "You Have Been Tagged! Congrats" badge from Smokey The Dog
The rules are that you should post the badge and mention the pal who gave you the award. Then, list 5 interesting and little known things about yourself--I'll get to that in a minute. After that, tag 5 amazing friends to receive the badge. Before I move on, I'd like to say a view words directly to Smokey in his native tongue. Woof woof bark bark yippy yip howl arroooooooooo! (Translation: Thank you very much, you are the best!)

Much to my surprise and honor, I received yet another award! This award came from my two sweetheart friends, Ginger Jasper and Dennis the Viszla. Thank you, thank you, thank you, darling friends. It is called the Kreativ Blog Award. This award has similar guidelines. First, post it to your blog and mention who gave it to you. Then, list 7 interesting and little known things about yourself. After that, reward 7 deserving friends with the same honor.

Here are some interesting facts about me, me me:
  1. I was a feral kitty, born in a barn at an auto shop.

  2. The men at the body shop called me "Greaser"

  3. The Dad Bean brought me home as a prezzie to the Mom Bean.

  4. I was suppose to help fix Mom Bean's sad heart. (She says I did)

  5. My name was changed from Greaser to Reese. (You probably already guessed that!)

  6. I am an only child, but the Beans used to have lots and lots of anipals that they traveled with! (That's another story)

  7. I'm going to fly like a snowbird this winter.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better. I know I sure enjoy visiting with all of you. To keep the fun going, I am going to let you all decide if you'd like to take one (or both) of these awards. I have an absolutely horrible time picking a certain number of friends because I think you are all wonderful. So if you would like one of these awards, please help yourself.

On that note, Stunt Double wanted to say something today:

**Reese's Trophy Case has a picture of her Grammy, a picture of her cousin Emmy Lou Hairless (she's a wieny D-O-G), a picture of Great Grandpa Oscar and a box of cereal with a picture of Tony the Tiger on it. hehehe


  1. I am so glad for you little Reese that you found such a nice forever home ! Living in a barn is not so ideal and at an auto stop could have been dangerous. Of course your bean's heart melted looking at such a sweet face !

  2. That is good you got a forever home! That is interesting to know about your life before!

    You got to be careful if you fly like a snowbird!

    Congratulations on awards!

  3. Congrats on your awards, Reese .. you deserve them ;)

    oh we enjoyed reading a lil more about you ^_^ and this:

    "I'd like to say a view words directly to Smokey in his native tongue. Woof woof bark bark yippy yip howl arroooooooooo!" cracked us up laughing =D you are so clever buddy

    Maltese Paws

  4. Concats, Reese, on your awards!!! But I think Stunt Double is telling all your secrets.... :)

  5. Concats on your awards! Can you teach me to fly?

  6. Reese, Congrats on your new awards and for being so generous to share them with efurryone!
    You sure are lucky to have found such a great furefur home, and your mama is lucky to have you, too! It sounds like you were good for each other.

    I'm a little confused about the "flying like a snowbird" part, though.

  7. Congratulations and I LOVE Stunt Double:)

  8. Concats on your awards Reese. Those are interesting facts, but we wondered if you can teach us to fly like a Snowbird too. We were very impurressed that you are multi-lingual too.

  9. Congrats on your awards Reese, you deserve them

  10. Congrats on your awards Reese. You have a very interesting life story. I especially likes that you are "living happily ever after."

  11. Congrats on your awards, Reese! We like learning more about you! Now how are you gonna fly like a snowbird???

  12. ConCats on ALL of your new awards! They are awesome and thanx for passing them along! We loved reading about your life, thanx for sharing!

    PS...how are you gonna fly like a bird? We wanna try that!

  13. Concatulations on your well deserved awards, Reese! It's so great to learn more about you, furiend! We really like that name Reese better than Greaser. Greaser sounds like something our dad would come up with.... he's a car doctor (mechanic).

  14. I like the name Reese much better than Greaser!

  15. Wow, you have certainly had an adventurous life but I'm glad you are now in a loving forever home. You deserve all those awardies and you are very kind to pass them all on.

  16. I like your stunt double - he's funny!

  17. Congrats on the awards, Reese! We liked reading your facts, especially about how you came to be in your furever home. We're happy too that you're there now.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  18. Reese you are a lucky cat finding a furever
    home ♥. Your Awards are deserved!

  19. Congratultions on your awards. We loved the facts about you. It is good that you speak some woofie. We do too, but we don't let mom know we do.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  20. Cute award...You can also drain pasta in a pinch. Purrs 2 you.

  21. Congrats on the awards! And Reese is a much better name than Greaser but I can see how the two are similar which is pretty cool.

    So I am super curious about how you will fly like a snowbird this winter! I hope you will post about that!

  22. Youre very smart Reese!!
    Because you got my language JUST right.
    Have a nice day and congrats on all of
    your awards


  23. Hello dear friend!
    What a fabulous story about your life!
    Congratulations for so deserved awards!
    Greetings from Luxembourg
    your friend
    Luna and mommy Léia

  24. Hey Reese!! Congrats on those fine awards!!!!
    We really liked reading those facts about you.
    Reese is a much better name too :)
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  25. Congratulations to you :)
    Love the info at the end on the grammy, etc!!

  26. ConCATs on yer awardies. Thats sum interesting info about yoo!

  27. Concatulations on your awards! We enjoyed reading those facts about you and so glad you have such a wonderful furever home! Flying like a snowbird sounds like fun!

  28. Concats on the awards Reese!


  29. You're living the sweet life now, Reese!


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