Saturday, May 25, 2019

Reese's Saturday Charm School Lessons- Table Ettiquette

Today's LESSON is on TABLE Etiquette. I have a lot of EXPERIENCE in this pawticular AREA, so I THINK I can SPEAK as a pawfessional!
The MOST proper time to STAND on the TABLE is THANKSGIVING or any other EVENT when there is LOTS of FOOD on the TABLE.  This is ESPECIALLY good, if there is a HOUSE full of COMPANY!

If no purrrrsons NOTICE you at furst, it is ACCEPTABLE to let out a 
VERY loud MEEEEEEOOOOW.  The Momeh does NOT have any pichurs of ME on the TABLE when there is FOOD or COMPANY.  For some REASON she ENJOYS chasing ME off the TABLE rather then using the FLASHY box during THESE times.

Class Dismissed!


  1. You do have excellent table manners!

  2. Wow, i didz not no dis. fanks fur tellin me

  3. Hmmm, that is some interesting advice cute girl - I'm not so sure I'm going to share it with my kitties, although I think they may have already learned this particular etiquette - MOL!

  4. We agree! Though we aren’t allowed on the table when there’s food on it. Any other time is okay.

  5. You have some really good table skills of laying and sitting on tables. Thanks for sharing this fun post. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend.
    World of Animals


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