Saturday, May 4, 2019

Reese's Charm and Etiquette Lessons - Tail Swishing

Hello, effurypuddy!  Welcome to this week's charm and etiquette lesson.  Today we will be talking about tail swishing.

It is vewy important to swish your tail at the appropriate and most opportune times.  Here is a list of the 3 top picks for swishing:

  • When the bean is on the compooper be sure to get right up on the keyboard as centered as possible.  Then swish, swish, swish.  Your momeh or dadeh will be so delighted by this act of kindness.
  • As a special gift, get up on the dinner table when no one is watching and then, swish, swish, swish.  If you do this just right, your furs should be scattered on the entire table.
  • If your beans are asleep, cuddle right up next to one of them so that you can swish your tail right on their face.  
Do you have a favorite swishing place or time?  Please share so we can all learn to be charming and etiquette.

Class dismissed!


  1. You are a pretty kitty, you and my Emmy could be related :) I think my cats have been taking your classes they do all of the above.

  2. MOL! Reese, you are the Yoda of tail swishing!

  3. My favorite is getting my swishing tail right up in their face. MOL!

  4. Great lesson! Mudpie like to swish her tail in my face when she's on my lap.

  5. I’ll bet you are a very efficient tail swisher too!

  6. We do the computer and bed tail-swishing, but we arent allowed up on the table when there is TBTs food there (an he is NEVER "not watching" then. Thats because of The Chicken Thigh Incident).


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