Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Oh hi there, effurybuddy! I was just looking out the window.

As you may know, my Mommy Bean has been on jury duty the last two weeks. Although I've been having a lot of fun and some silly adventures while she's been gone during the day, I really am ready for her to stay home now. I thought perhaps I should go on down to the courthouse to see what was taking so long....
Well, I could see that the judge certainly seem to have everything under control and didn't need my help. (Don't let this get out, but I was a little intimidated by that judge.) It turns out, I was right. The judge was just getting ready to rule and make an award. Guess what that means? Yep, Mommy's all done with her jury duty!
Speaking of awards...I've received a couple of them from some great blogging buddies.
This first award is the "Your Blog is Satin Award". I got it from Loki and Suzi Q Cat. THANK YOU. I think you are both as smooth as satin too.
Then, I got this really sweet award called the "You're a Gem Award" from CoCoRue. Thank you, my furriend. I think you have a sparkling purrsonality brighter than a diamond.
As always I'd like to give these awards and share the love with each and everyone that takes the time to visit my blog. It means the world to me that you would do that!


  1. hey TReese, thanks for the are a great furriend too and you're the first kitty that i look forward to seeing and hearing from......

    let's lick to that....just stole some red wine from mumsy.....make sure you lick clean before kissing you mumster

  2. Hi Reese
    Congratulations on you well deserved Awards and you very generous offer to share with all your friends.
    Our mum has a bit on an award posting block just now cos she is very behind but we really appreciate the gesture.
    Thank goodness your mom is finished at the court - that judge looked fearsome.
    We look forward to hearing how your mom is going to make up to you for her absence!!!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. We are happy that your mum is done with jury duty. We hope it means you'll get more snuggle time together:)

  4. Ha! I'd be intimadated by THAT judge too. Glad your Mom is all done. YOU deserve ALL the attention!


  5. I'm glad your mom is done being a juror. I bet she is glad, too! Congratulations on your awards!

  6. ConCatulations on your great awards. We're glad your Mom is back.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. YAY @ you mummy being finished at court.

    Congratulations on your awards!

  8. Congrats on your awards! You must be so happy that your mommy is finished with jury duty!

  9. congrats on the awards. i hope your mom enjoyed jury duty. i was called once and found the entire experience very interesting. it made me have faith in our judicial system.

  10. Congrats on your awards Reese, it will be nice to have your mom back during the day. Now you have someone to play with.

  11. ConCats on your award and thanx for passing it along! You look fabulous on Judge Judy, and yer right...she is quite the intimidating woman! Glad you made it over to FaceBook too. We're begging mom to make us a page!!!

  12. Thank goodness jury duty is over for your mom. I enjoy watching Judge Judy, myself. She tells it like it is!

  13. Congratulations on your awards, Reese. Good to hear that you has your mom back at home....sometimes the jury business lasts way too long.

    Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  14. What were you looking at outside Reese? I hope it was something good! I bet both you and your mom are very happy that jury duty is over. I have been lucky in that I never had to do it (I got a summons but my number wasn't called). I hope you are able to have some fun adventures even though she is home!

  15. Oops.....
    jury yes I heard of it ,
    thats normal in your country !!!
    I will cost you many time I think :)
    hugs to Reese
    Kareltje =^.^=

  16. Congratulations on your awards! Yay! We're so glad your mom is finished with jury duty.

  17. Concats on your award ^^
    You deserve !

  18. I paw woo go shred her robe anyway!

    Khongrats on your pawesome awards!


  19. I am sure you are glad to have your mommy home from jury duty. But no more wild adventures now. You will have to behave....or will you?

  20. Thank goodness your Mommy Bean is done with jury duty. I donnot understands why she hads to go in the first place. I think that judge can handle the bad guys by herselves, you think?

  21. Furry nice awards Reese!
    And we are so happy to hear your Mom is back!
    Jury duty is not a lot of fun for our Momma's.


  22. Great awards for a great kitty cat!!


  23. Good that you will have company during the day now...

  24. Yay Reese! We're so happy your mommy is coming back home to be with you soon. Looking out the window is fun, but it's more fun with a mommy there! :)

  25. We are happy for your mom, thank jury duty is over Congrats on your awards Reese,and girl
    you made it over to FaceBook too. he..he

  26. We're happy your mom is done with jury duty so that she can go back to her main job - spoiling you!!

    And congrats on your awards!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  27. Glad to know the news that everything is okay!
    Congratulations for so deserved award.
    Cool post dear Reese!

  28. Congrats on all those cool awards, but the best award of all is having your Mom back!

  29. Mmmmmm...sunspots!

    We're glad your mom is back. We hate it when mom isn't here at all hours to cater to our needs.


  30. Super Congrats, Reese, I can't think of anyone better for such awards.

  31. We're glad to hear that your mommy is done with jury duty! I bet she is excited to spend the day with you instead of in court with scary judges and all. Concats on your awards!

  32. We are so happy your mom is done with that duty things can get back to normal for you!

  33. Congrats on your two new awards! You keep piling them up! You're going to need a separate bloggie just for them.

    Yes, I hope your mommy gets to come home from jury duty soon, too! No fun fur you! Judge Judy is kind of a hoot, though.

  34. I'm glad you mom bean is coming home and is done being a jury.

  35. Concats, and thank goodness you didn't get thrown in confinement by the judge.

  36. Oh goody!! Your Mom will be home to spend more time with you!!!! We would be scared of that judge too :o
    Congrats on those fine awards too!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  37. Hi Reese!! Fanks fur stoppin' by owr bloggie and leaving such nice comments. We's been meaning to stop by to say hi...but things haf been a little crazy around heer. It am furry nice to meet you!
    ~Meeko & Kiara

  38. Congratulations on your Awards! That is good that jury duty is over for your mom! Now she can concentrate on you!!

  39. Concats to your mom for finishing up jury duty! Now she can get back to her real duty of taking care of you!


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