Monday, June 1, 2009

Mellow Monday Kitty Kooks

After my adventurous time at da house trashin' pawties dis past weekend, the Mommy bean fought it might be a good idea to talk about somethin' wholesome in our lives. Da beans are such kitty kooks, dat dey have kitties effurrywhere frough out der garden and yard. Here are just a few: Der is dis kitty planter dat holds dis geranium. It's little head bounces a'cuz it's on a spring.
Dere is a cement kitty hidin' by dis floral arrangement.

Here is one of da kitty steppin' stones. I fink dis is da oldest one. It's from da bean's brofer who is our guardian angel now.

Here is da golden goddess kitty by da azalea.

Well, dat is it for da garden tour today. I'm still a little tired from all da weekend activities and I don't want to wear out my welcome. Dat is a little sumpin' I learned from da pawty weekend.


  1. Love your header photo, Reese!!!

    Nice pics of the garden too! Our mom has lots of kitties all over the place too!

  2. Hi Reese, We have lots in common cuz I have a tuxedo kitty like you (Domino), and a cat garden too. We efun have a cat birdbath that Dylan drinks out of. We loves to sit in our cat garden and bask.

  3. Your beans sure are kitty crazy! That's good though, because kitties deserve to be treated like royalty:)

  4. Really great kitty stuff!

    We love your header, too!

  5. Your beans have kitties everywhere but you are the most beautiful of them all!

  6. Thanks for coming to meet us, and we had to come and see you, too! We really like your garden! Teri said it made her want to take some photos of our garden to share too!

  7. Cool kitty stuff around your garden Reese!!
    Your Fl & Tuxie furiend,

  8. Our Mom has cat stuff everywhere, too. I don't know why she needs all that, she has the 4 of us. Aren't we enough?!

    Your friend

  9. There are a lot of kitties in your house. Good thing you're the only living kitty there. Or else you guys are all probably fighting on who gets to sleep on top of the fridge.


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