Sunday, May 10, 2009

When Is Your Bedtime?

Here it is Monday morning, and I'm finally ready to settle in for a nice cozy nap with my snuggle doll.

I was up all night trying to keep her and the snoring man awake. I tried everything I could think of doing. I jumped on the bed several times. I ran acrossed their faces. I opened and closed all the cat-in-its doors. I slid with my toys across the slick floors. I banged my dishes. I MEOWED and talked as loudly as I could.

Nothing really worked though. They just stayed in bed. It is really tough when she and the snoring man have their days and nights mixed up. Wouldn't you know that the first thing this morning, they're the ones up banging around. Can't a kitty get a good day's sleep?


  1. You sure have a cute little dollie, Reese! I go to bed whenever my Mommie goes upstairs for bedtime. I just follow her!

  2. That is a very sweet photo of you Reese! We all go to bed when the beans go, makes it easier to sleep!

    Purrs Goldie

  3. Reese, we're like you...just as we're gearing up for some fun and to play, the beans want to go to sleep...what's up with that???

  4. Reese, that is a cute photo of you! We go to bed when our mommy and daddy go because mommy gives us nighttime treats! We do wake up way earlier in the morning than they do so we do our best to get them up too!

    Angel & Isabella

  5. Well, they are there to make your life not any easier. Why can't they just adjust to your sleeping time? It's not fair that they're making a lot of noise when you're just about to sleep. :D


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