Sunday, May 17, 2009

Guess what??!! Memory Monday

Guess what??!! I got to go outside yesterday!! Don't worry, I did not escape. My Daddy bean got me dis furry nice kitty play pen area. It is furry big. Big enough dat Mommy bean sits inside with me. (She is so overprotective.) It has a roof, so no raindrops fall on my head -- and Mommy bean says, "so Reese does not climb out". It has a sun screen covering on one side, so I don't get too warm. I can see birds up real close...but I can't get to dem. Coyotes and cars can not get me either. I played and played. I smelled all the outside smells. I ate grass!! When Mommy bean said it was time to go in and enough grass eating, I gave her this look...

Dat Mommy bean has such a weird sense of humor. She put dis sign on my pen. What am I going to do, attack someone with head bumps and purrs? So silly.
Another guess what!!?? I got an award!!
I got this lovely award from my new furriend, Tober. Tober is the boss kitty over at da Thorntown Library in Indiana. Dat is a furry impressive job and you must be furry smart to do sumpin' like dat.

Now, I'm gonna tell ya 5 reasons my life is grand:
  1. My beans love me furry, furry much.
  2. I gets to live inside, instead of outside at da kitty farm where I was born.
  3. I get my way 97% of da time.
  4. I have a whole bunch of toys dat I plays with all day and night.
  5. I get to be a blogging kitty now and have met lots of new kitty anipal furriends.

I now give this award to the kitties who read and comment on my posts. Without you, my furriends, life would not be so grand!


  1. Hi Reese! Nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting me. wow! That is such a cool enclosure you have. It great that you have a safe place to be outside with your mommy. I was rescued with FIV so I don't get to go outside. I enjoy reading all the adventures of my friends who go out on leashes and strollers and enclosures.

    My mommy is over protective too. She also says she loves your attack cat sign! ha ha ha

    Be sure to post on the cat blogosphere news page whenever you post. It is a great way to meet friends! Also visiting and leaving comments.

    I will add you to my blog list this month when mommy updates!

  2. Hee hee....I love your bean's sense of humor! Enjoy your play pen!

  3. Youz iz a very spoilt kitty-catty an' we thinkz dat youz momma l♥ves you so, so much. Youz outside play penz is reely kewel. Our dogz hab a fenced yard but we gotz ta stay in da house. We iz gonna show our momma youz outside play pen. Mebbe we gitz one den.

  4. Reese, your cat enclosure looks awesome! You can have loads of fun Outside and still be safe!

  5. Reese, you are so lucky that you got to go out! And be safe at the same time!!!

    Congrats on your award too!

  6. Your run looks great! We have been hearing rumours that we are getting one too. We can't wait!

    Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan

  7. Yes Reese, you do have a great life for all the reasons you mentioned and more! Most impawtant is the love between you and your mombean.

  8. Yes, Reese, you do have a great life for all the reasons you mentioned and more. Most impawtant is the love between you and your mombean. Efurrything else is gravy!

  9. Your enclosure looks wonderful! We need one of those so we can go outside and be safe since our mommy won't even let us go near a door for fear we get outside! And concatulations on the award!

  10. That enclosure looks awesome! Maybe I can get my mom to get me one of those since my experience with a leash didn't go well!


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