Saturday, May 30, 2009

Camera Critters Caturday

Camera Critters

Mommy bean has been trying to get a "cute" picture of me all week long to post for the Caturday Camera Critters meme. I'm just a little tired of posing all the time, so I have been avoiding the camera. She is relentless though and finally got me standing still over my dinner dish. Being a super model is not always what it's cracked up to be! I know, I'm meowing to the choir!

Hey, did you eat my sushi?


  1. When human pets set their mind to something, they're very hard to deter. That is a very cute pic of you and your dinner mate, Reese. :)

  2. Dat is sum different lookin foods. Can we ask what kind it is? We has eatten the same kind fer years acuz even though mom has tried better foods fer us, we refuse to eats it.

  3. Reese: I heard ya on the posin! I like that pose too. By the food dish--the best place in the house!

  4. Hey dinnermate, no one eats Reese's sushi! You're gonna pay for that. LOL.
    Well, the best pose is a natural pose. Why don't you try it out some time?


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