Friday, April 26, 2019

Happy National Arbor Day from Reese

TREES are my FAVORITE.  There are lots of BIRDS and BUGS and SQUIRRELS in the TREES.
One time, I SAW an OUTSIDE puddy run up a TREE very FAST.  That PUDDY did not come DOWN from the TREE for a very long TIME.  I think the puddy was ASCARED of the DOG that CHASED her up the TREE.

I think I will go WATCH the TREES right now.


  1. Whoa! I like trees too cos of the birds. I don't like the ones who drop pollen and give me asthma atacks. We don't have too many by me.

  2. We agree about trees and birds and bugs! Yeah...

  3. Ours love their garden and enjoy chasing bugs and butterflies! Unfortunately I also get rats and mice as presents * sigh *


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