Sunday, May 31, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning Hangover

Oh, boy. I fink I may have over done it dis weekend at da house trashing pawties.

First, I went over to da Krasota's Castle . I had a great time destroying furniture and running all frew da castle. Dat's a lot of running. Don't worry, I took plenty of naps dere too. I slept everywhere. I even slept on top of da fridgey. Dat was fun. I like to be close to da food. Every time someone open da door, I was dere. I didn't really know da Krasota's, but I'm puddy sure dey didn't mind me bringing over efurrybuddy I effur met. A pawsome pawty.

After dat, I went over to da Taylor Catsssss. Dat's where dings got a little wild. Dey had loads of toilet paper and paper towels dat we destroyed. I had a great time swinging from da chandelier. Boy, did dey have some good eats too -- Fancy Feast and Temptations! Nommy! I danced all night with Daisy's lizards. Den I did sumpin furry naughty, but I just could not help myself. Are you ready....I pooped on a brand new, white, fluffy pillow. OOOOooooooooh! Dat's when I knew I was one meow-garita over da line. I skulked home after dat.

Da Taylor Catsssss where furry nice about it dough, and let me take home dis party favor. You don't fink dey were trying to get rid of me do you?


  1. I'm sure youz needz youz rest, but youz better put out dat smokie thingy. Dose aren't good fur any-kitty or any-'bean!

  2. Phew! That sounds like quite a weekend. You're going to need all week to get over it!

  3. Muahahahaha! Really a great parrrty.
    It´s time of nap now hahaha!


  4. Nice trophy!! What lots of fun you had!! swinging from the chandelier sounds interesting!

  5. hey, I'm from twitter..nice blog you got here..


  6. Wow, you really tied one on, eh?

  7. Sounds like you had quite the weekend! Better rest up after all that fun!

  8. Reese, you bad girl, trashing all those houses... LOL.
    Hope you had a wonderful time partying. :D


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